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Chartered Accountants and Family Business Consulting

The day had been hectic. All these new accounting standards have extended the time devoted by Dev on audits, but with no commensurate rewards from the clients. In fact, he was finding it hard to extract all the necessary information from them. When he tried to convince them that it was a mandatory requirement, the clients retorted back that it was the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India that took the initiative. So the fault lied with the CAs only. Last month only he lost a valuable client who was reluctant to allow him to qualify his audit report in connection with inter group ...



Bonding the Ties - Chartered Accountants and Family Firms

When a family firm starts growing, Chartered Accountants (CAs) are the first professionals whose services are sought. Normally, they remain with the firm all through the journey. They develop intimate understanding of the client's business and family. Given the desire of the family owners towards maintaining ...


The 21st Century Paradigm: The New Age Accountant

On January 1,1999, the Euro was born. On January 1,2000 it was Y2K. When people spoke of the new millennium, I used to wonder why there was so much noise for a unit of measurement of time. Apart from the man-made issue of Y2K, mother nature definitely did not treat that day any...


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