Gods are meeting & You are invited

Author Rajesh Jain
ISBN 81-88929-00-X
Publishers Janus Advisory Services, Email : info@fambizindia.com
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Price Rs. 295/- (Paperback)
No. of Pages 288

"A rigid mind is very sure, but often wrong. A flexible mind is generally unsure, but often right"

What are the objectives?

Amid the maddening chaos, tolerance is the binder. And under the threat of complacency and decay, creativity is the catalyst. Creativity at the individual and collective levels and tolerance at the social level - these are the needs of the hour, always have been and always will be.

Both of them are the functions and traits of an open mind. This book is an effort to untie even the most complicated of the knots in your mind...

(Abstracts from 'A Letter to My Children' appearing in the beginning of the book)

It attempts to make the reader receptive to accept and appreciate new possibilities and accommodate diverse views.

What are its contents?

Salient Features of the book:

Who is the target audience?

The book is India specific. It is written keeping in mind youngsters and also people who do not read much. Hence, visuals and anecdotes have been used extensively to illustrate complex concepts in a simple and attractive manner.

Events & Seminars

Interview with Adi Godrej

Poem on family buisness by Nadir Godrej

ISTD Best book
Award 2005 - 06

Book Launches

Praise for the book

There are many good thoughts in the book